Preserving Vintage Details in Alameda

Where do you turn when you need to install new cabinets in a vintage 1932 home? Neil Kelly Cabinets, of course!

That’s what Neil Kelly Design-Builder Byron Kellar did when he took on a kitchen in need of modern updates – and extra working space – in Portland’s historic Alameda neighborhood. Read more about this project >


Neil Kelly Cabinets – Built to Last

Kitchen Cabinets are usually the first target of a kitchen remodeling project, and for good reason: In many cases the cabinet styles were so faddish (remember—a fad is not a trend) that they are stylistically out of date. And in other cases the kitchen cabinets were so cheaply built they’re simply falling apart.

But recently a remodeling project in West Seattle reminded us how good high quality cabinets can actually save money in the long run.

Joe found a home that he really liked, and he thought the kitchen style would work for him and the layout was functional. While Joe wasn’t too fond of the outdated countertops and appliances, he felt like the cabinets still looked good and seemed pretty solid. The countertop installers confirmed Joe’s suspicions about the quality of the kitchen cabinets. “They commented that—even after 20 years—the cabinets were perfectly level and didn’t require any modifications to install the new countertops,” Joe says. Read more about this project >


Jumping for Juniper

This cabinetry client made it clear right off the bat that she wanted to use Neil Kelly juniper cabinets, for two reasons: “We were going for a pretty ‘natural’ look, with natural edged stone and the colors of the desert, so the imperfections that might have showed up in the juniper were an
added bonus,” she says.

And there is another added bonus forusing juniper: Saving the Central Oregon ecosystem. That’s right, juniper is a native but invasive species that is robbing the high desert of precious groundwater and crowding out the habitat of the sage grouse. Several years ago Neil Kelly started a program by which invasive juniper trees were selectively harvested and used to make some of the most gorgeous cabinets you’ve ever seen. See before/after photos and read more about this project >


Custom Cabinetry Designed for a Woodworker’s Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen design ideas everyone likes a good “before and after” picture. We promise not to disappoint with Mike and Janet Laux’s Beaverton-area kitchen designed by Neil Kelly Design Consultant Joel Fraley.

“Mike is a skilled woodworker himself,” Joel says, “so was important that we carried the design from the tile backsplash through to the cabinet doors.” The custom designed cabinets offer the highest standards in environmental sustainability and home safety but using low VOC glues and finishes. View photos and read more about this project >


Going the Extra Mile for Sustainable Cabinets

Where does a board member of the US Green Building Council go to get her kitchen cabinets?  Well, for her 1920s bungalow in Alexandria, Virginia, Beth Heider had a lot of choices. “As Chair of USGBC’s Board of Directors I wanted to work with a cabinet company with a long standing commitment to using resources responsibly,” Heider says.

After years of research, study, and careful consideration Heider had finally found her cabinet company, and it was nowhere near Virginia. It was in Oregon. It was the Neil Kelly Cabinet Company. Read more about this project >


Green Cabinetry 101

Neil Kelly Design Consultant Therese DuBravac reworked the kitchen of this 1970s Portland ranch home adopting a contemporary Northwest style touched by Asian influences. Neil Kelly Cabinets’ Skyline Vertical cabinets feature natural alder, Agraboard structure, mica inserts and a low-VOC finish. Read article in GreenBuilder magazine…