Continuing with our tradition of using resources responsibly and creating timeless cabinetry, we are
proud to present the “Naturally Northwest” collection.

The rustic beauty of Central Oregon provides the inspiration for this Northwest line. The door styles and finishes naturally accent and highlight the woods’ unique beauty. The collection offers discerning homeowners a chance to create a truly original look,and to feel good doing so.

Healthy Forests. Healthy Communities. Healthy Homes. 
“Farm to fork” menus offer fresh, local and sustainably harvested food. We use a similar approach. We source material for our cabinetry within a 500-mile radius of our plant. We also use earth-friendly products that have no added formaldehyde.  This is true for all of the products that go into our finished cabinetry. From the furnishing in agri-board to the final durrable top coat finish used to protect your investment.