Neil Kelly Kitchen Cabinets:  “Built To Last”

Neil Kelly Kitchen Cabinets: “Built To Last”

kitchen cabinet renovation, kitchen cabinet remodelKitchen cabinets are usually the first target of a kitchen remodeling project, and for good reason:  In many cases the cabinet styles were so faddish (remember—a fad is not a trend) that they are stylistically out of date.  And in other cases the kitchen cabinets were so cheaply built they’re simply falling apart.

But recently a remodeling project in West Seattle reminded us how good high quality cabinets can actually save money in the long run.

Joe found a home that he really liked, and he thought the kitchen style would work for him and the layout was functional.  While Joe wasn’t too fond of the outdated countertops and appliances,seattle kitchen remodeling, kitchen cabinet remodel seattle, custom cabinets seattle, he felt like the cabinets still looked good and seemed pretty solid.  The countertop installers confirmed Joe’s suspicions about the quality of the kitchen cabinets.  “They commented that—even after 20 years—the cabinets were perfectly level and didn’t require any modifications to install the new countertops,” Joe says.

Neil Kelly Seattle Design Center General Manager Debbie Thorpe says Joe opted to replace the old countertops with Silestone for the main working countertops and a marble slab of Rain Forest for the upper eating bar. “He installed new sinks, faucets, range, range hood, and dishwasher,” she says. “He also saved a lot of money by installing new stainless steel panels on the existing refrigerator instead of replacing the entire unit.”

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The Neil Kelly Cabinet Company provided a couple of tune-up items, like the “bumper” protecting the back of the pull-out tray.  And, in areas where water got the cabinets—like around the sink—they freshen up the cabinets with a non-toxic, plant-based, spray to re-seal the wood.  But for Neil Kelly Cabinet boss Mark “Smitty” Smith, it’s no surprise the cabinets are still fit as fiddles.  “It’s just not a surprise to me at all that these cabinets are still in such great shape,” says Smitty. “We build products we expect to last, and want these kitchen cabinets to last well into a second generation.”

kitchen cabinet remodeling, seattle custom cabinetsAnd that saves hassle, money, time, and the environment.



  1. staceybeck01 says:

    I would love new kitchen cabinets in my home. I feel like because they take up so much room in the kitchen they can really make or break the appearance of the whole room. We have light colored ones right now and I think they look really dated. I would love to do something darker.

    • David Schmitke says:

      We agree, Stacey. Cabinets can really make or break a kitchen design. And there seems to be two predominate trends with cabinet finishes these days. While white cabinets always score well and are relatively timeless, darker cabinets are also popular right now. Of course, you can really go wild and try something like this:

  2. James says:

    Amazing, kitchen cabinet last for 20 years, you must have taken care of it closely. I have just moved to my new house and remodel the whole kitchen because I think its good to set everything now then doing it later and messing up all. Also, I would love to know who designed your cabinet because 20 years and the cabinets were perfectly level and didn’t require any modifications to install the new counter-tops.
    Although before reading your post I read which is also interesting and you may like it.

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