Neil Kelly Cabinets introduces The “Naturally Northwest” cabinet collection featuring locally available and renewable woods with less-toxic materials and finishes. Eco-minded yet style-savvy homeowners can now choose from seven new indigenous woods including Western Juniper, Big Leaf Maple, Oregon White Oak, Red Alder, Madrona, CVG Fir and Western Walnut.

“Homeowners across the country, and especially here in the Northwest, will love this new Central-Oregon inspired collection,” said Kathleen Donohue, master designer for Neil Kelly Co. “Man caves are becoming a popular trend for homeowners, and the uber-rustic Juniper wood would be the perfect choice to infuse originality and personality into their home.”

Juniper: Restoring Environmental Balance
Juniper is indigenous to eastern Oregon. However, due to several factors including human fire suppression; it has taken over some areas and is depleting the water table and contributing to soil erosion. The Bureau of Land Management has suggested selective harvesting of Juniper trees to help restore the natural ecosystem.

Neil Kelly Cabinets is working with environmentalists, legislators, rural communities and wood artisans to help create a market for this wood – prized for its beauty, as well as its incredible resistance to decay. Local mills are now processing this restoration wood into durable products such as decking, timbers, and of course, beautiful cabinets.

Commitment to Healthy Homes
The Naturally Northwest Collection demonstrates Neil Kelly Cabinet’s long standing commitment to using resources responsibly and reducing its carbon footprint on the environment. Engineered to complement the International Living Building Challenge, Neil Kelly Cabinets optimize indoor air quality and healthful living by using:
• Certified woods available upon request
• No-added urea formaldehyde agri-board panels, binders and glues
• Responsible wood veneers
• Low VOC and no added formaldehyde adhesives and finishes

About The Naturally Northwest Collection
Neil Kelly’s team of expert designers created original door styles which naturally accent the wood’s unique beauty. Seven door styles and six finishes can be mixed and matched to create a one-of-a-kind look personalized for each homeowner.

Click here
 to watch a video from OPB and learn about Juniper Control in Eastern Oregon.

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 to watch a video that explains how Juniper trees go from being a nuisance to becoming cabinets!

Juniper Trees & the Sage Grouse

Sage Grouse are native to western North America. However, humans, invasive trees, raptors and wildfires are threatening their future.
Juniper trees threaten the bird’s natural habitat by crowding out brush and grass, reducing water filtration and increasing soil erosion. The Bureau of Land Management suggested removing Juniper trees to help restore this natural ecosystem.
Neil Kelly Cabinets is proud to use Juniper in the Naturally Northwest line. Even though the Sage Grouse don’t know we’re helping them, we’re excited to play a part in their potential to thrive.