The first industrial eco-friendly cabinet maker.

Neil Kelly Cabinet Co. has been manufacturing premium custom cabinets since 1966, first as a division of Neil Kelly Design/Build Remodeling and since 2001 as a stand-alone company, based in Portland, Oregon.

Neil Kelly Cabinets shares the heritage and quality commitment of its former parent organization, particularly in the areas of responsibility and environmental concerns before and during manufacturing — and, yes, even after installation.

In 1998, Neil Kelly introduced its innovative Naturals Collection, featuring “no added urea formaldehyde” (NAUF) agriboard panels, binders and glues, responsible wood veneers and low- to zero-VOC adhesives/finishes. It was first in the U.S. market with a full range of environmentally friendly materials and construction techniques. Neil Kelly cabinets meet current national and international air quality standards including California emission regulations.

In 2012, Neil Kelly Cabinets was the first cabinet manufacturer to conform to the International Living Building Institute’s DECLARE label. This means that not only does it provide a nutritional-style label that lists every single material and trace chemical used in manufacture, but also that the company has eliminated all “red-listed” chemicals from its glues and adhesives. The products have no off-gassing formaldehyde or other toxic VOCs.

You can’t get greener than Neil Kelly green.
With the success of the Naturals Collection, all Neil Kelly cabinets are produced using the same home friendly, healthy materials and methods in all their collections, including:

Craftsman Collection
Mid-Century Modern Collection
Naturally Northwest Collection
Signature Collection

Simply Naturals Collection
Transitions Collection

Neil Kelly Cabinet Co. is represented by 11 authorized dealers in 7 states. See our dealer page. If none of these dealers are convenient to you, please contact us directly regarding your cabinet needs.